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Dubbo Sewerage Treatment Plant

Project data

Location: Dubbo, Australia

Dubbo is located in Central NSW approx. 400kms west of Sydney, it currently has population of approx 40 000 which has doubled within the last 35 years. The population is expected to hit 55,000 by 2021 and as a result a major upgrade is required to the existing Sewerage Treatment Plant. 

The upgrade of the Dubbo Sewage Treatment Plant is the biggest single capital works project ever carried out by the local government.

  • A large Bioreactor 74.1m long x 45.5m wide x 6.0m tall
  • 2 x Large circular Clarifiers ø32.5m x 4.8m tall


  • The Bioreactor consists of several chambers both large and small
  • The the Clarifier tanks had to incorporate an internal launder as well as an external corbel.


Bears Concreting Pty Ltd

Customer's benefit

  • Speed was the key here for the client and both Trio and Rundflex offered that, both for the erection process and re-assembly/assembly of the systems.
  • Supplying to the job effectively allowing half a tank to be formed and poured at a time. 
Gary Deaves

The PERI systems were perfect for our requirements on this job, The Trio gave us the flexibilty that we required for the various wall sections on the Bioreactor helping us quickly dismantle and re-assemble shutters, whilst the Rundflex’s ease of use enabled us to quickly erect and incorporate a diffiuclt corbel at the top of the Clarifier structures.

PERI solution

  • 1,300 m2 of Trio for the Bioreactor. It’s flexibilty to be reconfigured to suit the various pour sizes and shapes was paramount in achieving the program. 
  • 450m2 Rundflex for the circular Clarifier tanks. With the amount of steel required for the Launder, one plywood sheet was removed to enable the client to replace it with an alternative sheet that could accomodate the protruding reinforcement bars. An extension made of plywood was easliy attached to the top of the Rundlfex to enable the corbel to be formed in on with the walls. 
  • Multiflex for forming the base of the Launder within the tank