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Suruhan Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia, Putrajaya

Project data

Location: Putrajaya, Malaysia

The Malaysian Government is investing in the extension of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Agency in Putrajaya.  3 Office towers are built with a distinctive architecture, based on traditional local housing concepts founded on piles.  The 3 highrise with 25 to 30 levels start in a height of 20-40m above the ground, founded on top of a series of inclined mega columns. The building is situated on a hill in the centre of the Government City of Putrajaya and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.


  • PERI designed especially for the high shoring,  a very flexible and safe solution with the PERI UP volume shoring.
  • A steady grid pattern of 150x150x150cm makes assembly easy to manage
  • 180cm thick transfer floor slab have to realise in a very economical way.
  • For a  fast and safe cycling of the tables which can be climbed independent of the crane.


Syarikat Pembinaan Mitrajaya Sdn Bhd

Customer's benefit

  • The entire project is served "out of one hand" for all tasks related to formwork, scaffolding, shoring, and engineering.
  • The different types of plywood are supplied from PERI, well adapted to the different requirements" for "one use" on the transfer slab, for 10-15 uses on the oval cores or over 20 uses on the typical slabs.
Mr. Leslie Lim
Project Director

The expertise of PERI's engineering staff was invaluable to our project. Their unique and innovative formwork designs served a variety of applications, including a challenging shoring design utilizing the PERI UP system.  PERI's solution allowed us to execute our project in a safe, productive and timely fashion.

PERI solution

  • The flexibility of the PERI UP system allows to modify the grid pattern to 100cm of 50cm ledgers to get around the columns and keep the system stable and rigid.
  • The slanting mega columns can easily be climbed thanks to the RCS rail guided system, which allows safe climbing even on the "face down" side of the columns.
  • A bracing system made of custom made connecting parts and ST 100 has been designed in close cooperation with the structural engineers from ARUP in order to stabilize the slanting columns during construction.