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Chadstone Shopping Centre

Project data

Location: Melbourne, Australia

This extension to the Chadstone Shopping Centre has become a conversation piece with its architectural and visual impact not seen in Australia before.  

PERI Rosett Flex was on site and in use from June to late October, with the Centre opening some 3 days after the last of the Rosett system being dismantled.


  • Crane access was restricted by the demands of other contractors and trades, as well as the constraints of being an operating Shopping Centre
  • Very tight construction schedules with a strict completion program to meet the required opening dates
  • The design incorporated clear span areas, so that works could continue below to meet the construction program
  • Have a work platform and catch deck capable of supporting the required roof structure  loading
  • The roof support and access system was designed in such a way that it could be dismantled component by component and lowered manually once the roof structure was completed.
  • A challenging project with floor slab construction and the following trades operating simultaneously, with little or no use of craneage to place material while erecting to a height of up to 20m.



Nomad Scaffolding Pty Ltd

Customer's benefit

  • Probuild as the main contractor were impressed with the performance of Nomad Scaffolding, the Rosett Flex system and the engineering design provided by PERI
  • The speed of the Rosett Flex system allowed Nomad to make up lost time and complete the roof falsework on program
  • The flexibility of the Rosett system enabled support of the imposed construction loads and accommodated the varying deck heights required by the 3-dimensional curved frame that varied along the length of the new roof line
Alan Watt
Site supervisor


Being in the industry for many years, I found the Rosett system to be the most adaptable and versatile system that I've used, with multiple sizes of a deck, ledgers and accessories. Working at such heights with limited crane access for moving material was enhanced by the lighter weight components and better connection of deck to ledger and accessories to the system adding versatility. 



Gary Carlisle
Director Nomad Scaffold

The lightest and most versatile system we have ever used and proved to be an asset on cantilevered and tight areas to this difficult project.

PERI solution

  • An engineered solution for the access, support and construction of 3-dimensional arched steel frame and glass panel roof for an extension to the original Shopping Centre
  • PERI Rosett Flex was designed to support imposed loads and gain access required to place and caulk the glass panes, including some cantilevered sections over floor voids
  • The height of the roof support in some areas was up to 20 mts with an overall length of stages 3 & 4 combined being 85m