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Project Spring, Singapore

Project data

Location: Jurong Island, Singapore, Singapore

Project Spring: soon-to-be world's largest polyisoprene latex plant in Jurong Island, Singapore.

The global market leader in polyisoprene rubber latex for medical end markets, Cariflex Pte. Ltd. (Cariflex), will be building the world’s largest and Singapore’s first polyisoprene latex plant spanning over 63,700 sqm on Jurong Island, Singapore.

US$350M investment was made to support the largest capacity expansion in Cariflex’s existing accomplishments. Project Spring will play a vital role in Cariflex’s manufacturing supply versatility to serve their customers in Southeast Asia, where the world’s key manufacturing plants of surgical gloves are located.

The project commenced in Q3 2022 and is slated to be completed in Q3 2024.



  • Walls and Columns
  • Access
  • Slab
  • Working Platform


Sinotcc (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Customer's benefit

ST 100 Stacking Tower – Achieve fast assembly and dismantling. With a single frame type, all required assembly heights can be realized.

PERI UP Rosett Modular Scaffold - Quick installation, safe usage, highly flexible and optimally adaptable to suit all building geometries.

VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork - Easily adaptable to suit every size, concreting height and required fresh concerete pressure.

VARIO GT 24 Column Formwork – Easily adaptable to suit every size, concreting height and required fresh concrete pressure.

CB 240/160 Climbing System – The CB climbing system allows fast moving and easy adjustments. The system was used for staircase and corewall.


Mr Zhang Zhan
Site Manager

It has been great working with PERI Singapore again. For Project Spring, we took full advantage of PERI’s ST 100 and utilized PERI UP as an access scaffold.


The relatively smaller-sized frames of ST 100 made erection easy in tight spaces. With ST 100, we had about 20% of time savings. The assembly of PERI UP was straightfoward and fast. The site crew understood how the system worked pretty quickly. This lead us to have about 40% of manpower savings.


We commend PERI systems as it helped us improve the producitivity on site. We will definitely consider PERI again for our next project.


PERI solution

  • ST 100 Shoring Tower for one casting of slab
  • PERI UP Flex for rebar installation and pouring access
  • VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork + VARIO GT 24 Column Formwork for combined wall and column casting
  • CB 240 as working platform