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DTSS Muck Pit

Project data

Location: Benoi Road, Singapore, Singapore

The DTSS Muck Pit is a two-part project situated along Benoi Road, an industrial area within the Western region of Singapore within Jurong Industrial Estate. In the first section, wall columns were required in the muck pit area. The muck pit is built as part of advanced works in the construction site.

In the second section, the round shaft required ring beams as part of early construction works to further dig underground to construct sewerage.


Walls - TRIO Panel Formwork
Rebar Works - PERI UP
Ring Beams - GRV Articulated Water Circular Formwork


Main Contractor: Ed. Zublin AG, Singapore Branch

PERI solution

TRIO Panel Formwork – TRIO is the universal formwork system for all applications where the main focus is on reducing the shuttering times with conventional DW tie technology. With the BFD Coupler for all connections and numerous practice-oriented system solutions, TRIO has proven itself on countless construction sites both in single-family house construction and in large-scale projects worldwide.

PERI UP – The PERI UP modular scaffolding kit is an extremely flexible scaffolding system that fulfils the highest safety requirements in the industry. It is fast and safe to assemble with the gravity lock and provides access to different levels using stairs and ladders.

GRV – The GRV Articulated Waler Circular Formwork can be used to realise circular structures with no tie points. With this system, the external ring tension force and internal compression force are transferred by the closed ring of walers. It is continuously adjustable and versatile in use for containers or a wide range of arched bridges.