Condominium at St Thomas Walk

Project data

Location: St Thomas Walk, Singapore

Two blocks (35 & 36 storeys high)
Completion date: 2016


Lift core and stairs


Kimly Construction Pte Ltd

Customer's benefit

Maximum efficiency
Fast, safe and accurate assembly 
Minimum of labor

Mr Anthony Ho
Project Manager

PERI systems are well designed and the components made it easy for us to understand and comprehend and be able to explain and disseminate to our formwork workers on site. I must acknowledged that without the PERI system especially the ST 100 we may not be able to achieve our casting of the transfer slab of 3m in height schedule.

PERI solution

VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork together with the RCS Rail Climbing System is used for the casting of lift core and stairs

The usage of hydraulics allows the crane independent climbing of wall formwork and platform together in one single operation

With GRIDFLEX Grid Element Slab Formwork and PERI UP Rosett Flex a cycle time of 8 days for casting of beams and slabs were achieved