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Yusof Ishak Secondary School

Project data

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Yusof Ishak Secondary School is a government school that is named after Yusof Ishak who was the first president of Singapore. The school is currently situated in Bukit Batok and is due to relocate to Punggol in 2021. Yusof Ishak Secondary School’s new school site at Punggol will continue to host the Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence, with better facilities provided. These include an interactive learning centre with video streaming capabilities, a learning lab with an attached observation room, an enlarged classroom with additional space for observers, and a covered breakout space for outdoor learning activities.


  • Beam and slab support
  • Columns
  • Lift core walls


Main contractor: Kwan Yong Construction Pte Ltd

Customer's benefit

VARIO GT 24 Column Formwork – Easily adapted to suit every size, concreting height and required fresh concrete pressure.

VARIO GT 24 Wall Formwork – Adapted to suit all requirements through the variable arrangement of formwork girders and walers which results in high-grade architectural concrete finish.

CB240 – The CB climbing system provides safe working conditions at all heights. It allows fast moving and easy adjustments. The system was used for the lift and staircase corewall.

PD 8 – Used as slab table. PD 8 Shoring is a cost-effective system used for casting of beam and providing support to the hollow core slab.

PERI UP Flex – Quick installation, high load-bearing capacity, highly flexible and adaptable scaffolding/shoring system.

PERI solution

  • VARIO GT Column Formwork
  • VARIO GT Wall Formwork + CB240 climbing formwork
  • PD 8 slab tables
  • PERI UP Flex shoring