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PERIpath Scaffold Estimation Tool

About SET

About SET

The easiest and also fastest way to create a scaffold estimate
Simply select the desired PERI Up scaffold or access type and start building.
Drag & drop enables fast and uncomplicated work. With just a few clicks you can not only resize the platform, but also add and duplicate deck levels.

Things that used to take a considerable amount of time can now be created in a few minutes
– quickly, easily and uncomplicated.

Our all-round carefree package

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) to save internal costs for IT. We take care of all tasks such as backups, data security, administration, maintenance and updates.
  • Continuous support whenever issues arise. We are at your disposal for questions anytime.
  • Professional coaching by qualified employees.
  • Optimal process analysis and consulting thanks to many years of experience at large industrial construction sites.


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Functional Overview

Type of scaffolds
First select from the various, predefined PERI Up types of scaffolds and then simply drag & drop to add them to your estimation. The size, shape, and number of deck levels can either be easily defined via Properties , or you can drag & drop your scaffold until it meets your requisitions.

Access types
Select from the various, predefined PERI Up access types and simply drag & drop to add them to your estimation. You can define the access heights, as well as the positions of the doors quickly and easily via the Properties.

Change the default values of your scaffold or access with just a few clicks.
Define, for example:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height
  • Alignment of the deck levels
  • Number & height of the deck levels
  • Number & height of the accesses
  • Position of the doors

Deck Configurator
Configure your deck levels individually in steps of 0.25 cm. Define, for example:

  • Penetration
  • Hatch
  • Ledger
  • Deck
  • Toeboard
  • Protection

2D & 3D view
In the Scaffold Estimation Tool you create your scaffold using drag & drop and duplicate already placed towers and accesses in the 2D view. You can then view the result in the 3D view. There you can also rotate the scaffold, change the perspective, highlight or hide individual components, and display the material list.

Material list
Once the scaffold is created, you can view the automatically generated material list. There you will find all the articles used, including the article number, quantity, weight, and total weight. The program also calculates the surface and deck area in square meters and the volume in cubic meters.
Further tabs give you an overview of all used bays as well as material lists sorted by groups.

Take off
With just one click, the material list automatically created in the Scaffold Estimation Tool can be transferred to the business part of PERIpath to enable further planning.

Your benefits


Simple determination of materials

With the Scaffold Estimation Tool, you can estimate the required materials flexibly and quickly by means of 3D visualisation and creation of the parts lists. It is easy to use, does not need to be installed on your system and does not require any prior CAD knowledge. 

Maximum flexibility 

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can even create reliable estimates for larger scaffolds in no time at all. In doing so, you determine the level of detail of the estimate yourself and can quickly redesign existing configurations or export them to CAD for further processing. 

Collaboration and visualisation 

You can manage your entire costing process by collaboratiing with additional users. Sketches and material lists can be easily exported and then visualised unsing the direct interface with the PERI Extended Experience App.


Our subsidiary CENTRIO is a software company, specialized in the digitalization of the construction industry. The solutions it offers are based on the software development experience we have acquired over the last 20 years. The aim was and is to link information efficiently and to help teams cooperate all over the world. We realized that other construction industry companies face the same challenges, which is why these systems are now being offered, under the CENTRIO brand, to external customers as well. Our vast experience with scaffolding material and processes on major construction sites make CENTRIO an expert partner when it comes to major construction sites and industrial projects.

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