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RCS MAX Rail Climbing System


The new RCS MAX Rail Climbing System is a further development of our tried-and-tested RCS Climbing System. You can simply add the new RCS MAX modules – the RCS MAX Hydraulic Unit and the RCS MAX Drive Rails – to your existing RCS system components.

With its completely new approach to climbing, the RCS MAX Rail Climbing System revolutionises climbing techniques and improves productivity and safety on your construction site. This is achieved by enabling several platforms to climb a structure simultaneously in fewer steps – open building edges are therefore a thing of the past. What’s more, the system now provides you with the option of transferring loads via the lower climbing section. As such, the platforms can be readied for the next climbing stage more quickly. In addition to shortening the climbing cycles, the RCS MAX also shortens the construction time of your project. Due to its modular design, damaged parts can be replaced easily on site, meaning you can make a further time saving.

The clever and intuitive plug-and-play configuration makes installation and operation of the system very straightforward. Electricians or hydraulics experts are not required for installation. The hoses and cylinders are quickly moved into predefined positions once – repositioning is not necessary. You can even opt for a wireless control unit to provide the operators with greater freedom of movement and to eliminate potential trip hazards. An additional benefit: the lightweight system components require far less space at the construction site on account of their compact dimensions.

The RCS MAX also sets completely new standards in terms of safety: thanks to the decentralised hydraulic units, the system stops automatically in the event of overloading or a collision. What’s more, in addition to the ability to have all units climbing simultaneously, intelligent features such as dead man's switching with multiple remote controls as well as an emergency stop switch on each platform mean that the construction site personnel have safe working conditions.



"We used the PERI RCS MAX system for a fairly complicated core structure on a project in London. The system was so easy to work with and gave us lots of confidence during the jump sequences, it helped us to overcome the complexity of the core itself by having a trustworthy climbing system. With all of the platforms climbing together, many of the safety concerns when jumping were removed making life much easier for the supervisors.  We became ever faster with the cycles as we got used to this new system which made the operation more efficient overall. In fact it’s probably the best jump I’ve ever been on."

Bobby Edmunds, Carpenter Foreman for Ground Construction Limited



The benefits of the RCS MAX Rail Climbing System:

Expedited construction process with greater productivity
thanks to shorter climbing cycles brought about by multiple platforms climbing in unison

Ease of use
thanks to an intuitive operating process and lightweight system components with plug-and-play configuration

Innovative safety concept
based on intelligent features and a low number of work steps

Hydraulic Unit

The new RCS MAX Hydraulic Unit increases the level of safety on your construction site. Due to the fact that several platforms climb at the same time, there are no open building edges. Tripping hazards and falling parts are therefore a thing of the past.

The automated climbing process comprises only a few work steps, is intuitive as a result and can be mastered with very little training. Potential operating errors are therefore virtually eliminated. The display, which is connected to the unit by way of a cable, also enables you to monitor the climbing process in full.

Faults are indicated immediately by light signals on the unit and on the display. As such, problems can be identified quickly and remedied easily on site. The RCS MAX therefore reduces the amount of downtime on your construction site and increases your productivity.


The benefits of the RCS MAX Hydraulic Unit:

No open building edges
and greater safety as a result, due to the fact that several platforms climb simultaneously

Full control
over the climbing process via the connected display

Swift identification and rectification of issues
thanks to light signals on the unit and messages on the display when faults occur

Drive Rails

The RCS MAX Drive Rails C and CL enable you to move your platforms safely from one level up to the next position. The rails are firmly anchored to the wall at all times during this process. The vertical load created during the concreting process is transferred via a climbing shoe and into the concreting section that has already hardened. This allows you to achieve faster concreting cycles – and save valuable time and money.

The low number of work steps makes for an optimised climbing procedure and makes operation as simple as it is ingenious: you start the automated ascent with the push of a button, moving the platforms upwards without any issues at all. There is no need for additional settings.

The hydraulic cylinders allow the platforms to climb in full 750 mm increments. The reduction in cylinder cycles means that fewer steps are required to move to the next position. What’s more, the short, fixed hoses guarantee a lower level of pressure loss during the climbing process, meaning that it is only necessary to supply the power that is actually required. This ensures that the system is used more efficiently.


The benefits of the RCS MAX Drive Rails:

Quicker concreting cycles
due to transfer of the vertical load into the hardened concreting section

Optimised climbing process
due to the automated ascent without the need for additional adjustments

Reduction in cylinder cycles
meaning that fewer steps are required to move to the next position


The choice is yours: which Drive Rail is best suited to your requirements?

RCS C MAX Drive Rail:

  • Can be easily adapted to inclinations
  • Particularly suitable for high-rise buildings
  • New feature: The cylinder is now permanently connected to the system and climbs in tandem with it. Cumbersome conversions are now a thing of the past. This speeds up your climbing process and also makes the system safer to work with.
  • With RCS P MAX, PERI is also setting new standards for enclosures: Given the fact that the cylinders now climb in tandem with the system, it is now also possible to have all platforms climbing simultaneously in the case of enclosures.


RCS CL MAX Drive Rail:

  • Around 2 m shorter than RCS C MAX
  • Particularly suitable for low-level buildings
  • New feature: you no longer need an extension. The new inclined connector with integrated spindle makes it easier to reach the top climbing shoe and ensures that the system can be easily adapted to inclinations, such as in the case of wall projections or uncharacteristic building geometries. What’s more, the cylinder is now permanently connected to the system and climbs in tandem with it.