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Project-specific formwork solution with high level of prefabrication

Jan 8, 2018

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Jan 8, 2018
Trier, Germany
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Moselle Lock, Trier, Germany

The realization of the new, second Moselle lock presented a challenging construction project for all those involved in the undertaking whereby numerous mounting components and strict tolerance specifications had to be taken into consideration. Working in close cooperation, PERI supported the construction site managers from Hochtief Infrastructure GmbH with a project-specific formwork and scaffolding concept, just-in-time deliveries of accurately pre-fabricated formwork elements as well as continuous on-site support.

The Moselle lock in the south of Trier is currently being extensively extended and also features an additional, highly efficient lock chamber. Seven further projects of this kind between Koblenz and Trier are scheduled for completion. The lock chamber is being constructed parallel to the 170 m long existing lock, and is 216 m long, 12.70 m high and has a usable width of 12.60 m. Including intake and outlet structures, the new, second lock measures a total of 312 m. Filling and emptying take place using longitudinal channels which are arranged on both sides together with transverse-positioned branch channels.

The reinforced concrete structure with massive component dimensions and a high degree of reinforcement was realized at a depth of 15 m within bored pile walls. The time-consuming structural work was completed in autumn 2017. After completion of the hydraulic steelwork and mechanical engineering works, lock operations are to be started in 2018. In total, around 45,000 m³ of concrete were processed on the large-scale construction site in just under 1.5 years.

Challenging large-scale construction site

The formwork and reinforcement work in particular presented a major challenge. The main issue here was taking into consideration a large number of mounting components with extremely tight tolerance specifications. In order to comply with the required accuracies along with the short construction schedule, a formwork concept with a high level of prefabrication was selected. PERI’s formwork assembly team of experts produced and delivered the formwork elements to the jobsite ready for use – exactly matching construction site requirements in terms of quantity and time. Thereby, each of the elements was clearly marked which meant they could easily be identified and allocated at any given time. In addition to the formwork elements, the PERI prefabrication process at the company’s production facility included all recess units and timber formers used, for example, for intake funnels, gate recesses and floating bollards – designed for providing efficient striking operations as well as ensuring reusability.

Reliable support throughout all project phases

During the construction of the Moselle Lock in Trier, a PERI project coordinator supported the site management in all technical, commercial and logistical aspects regarding the coordination of the planning and installation work as well as ensuring punctual supply of materials. Furthermore, PERI supervisors briefed the site personnel, as and when required, on the correct and safe handling of the systems and special formwork being used.

In order to optimize the processes involved in formwork and scaffolding technology and thus considerably increase the cost-effectiveness of the project execution, PERI provides support during all project phases with its extensive international project experience, know-how and experts, with appropriate mechanical equipment and assembly halls as well as suitable software solutions. The wealth of services provided by PERI engineers in the area of project support ranges from planning feasibility studies for particularly challenging projects, renting out materials to cover peaks in demand through to cleaning and repair services for the customer’s own materials. A dense network of logistic locations guarantees fast material availability.

CNC cutting and formwork assembly

An important element of individual project support is the formwork assembly. PERI uses state-of-the-art machines to produce cut-to-size plywood sheets and all types of special formwork – from simple formats and box outs through to complex 3D formwork units for one-time usage, tailor-made to meet all project requirements. All customized elements are prefabricated in the defined quality and to guarantee the planned number of uses – individually assembled to accommodate the respective component or structural forms. Production and delivery to the place of use are carried out just-in-time in line with construction process.