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Première of SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork at the construction of Pasteurs Tower in Copenhagen

Dec 15, 2020

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Dec 15, 2020
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Pasteurs Tower, Carlsberg Byen, Copenhagen, Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark

In Carlsberg City, a district in the heart of Copenhagen, a completely new neighbourhood is being built. Several high-rise buildings are currently under construction there, and Pasteurs Tower will be the highest residential building in Copenhagen upon completion. Flats will be built on 33 of the 37 floors, and commercial enterprises will be located on four floors. PERI supported the project with a variety of formwork solutions. The special highlight: The first use of SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork.

In the heart of Copenhagen, in Carlsberg Byen, Pasteurs Tower, Copenhagen’s tallest residential building, is being built on a 76,000 m2 site. The high-rise building was designed by the team of architects from Wingårdhs in Göteborg and Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter designed the commercial buildings under the tower. It is not just the height of the building that is record-breaking. Before work on the formwork could begin in 2019, 85,000 m3 of earth had to be excavated. This is about ten times the amount of gold mined by humans to date. A total of 14,500 m3 of concrete will be used until the building is completed. Work on Pasteurs Tower began in 2018 and the building is scheduled for completion by 2022.

Coordinated solutions from one source

PERI’s customer, Per Aarsleff A/S, required a solution which enabled them to complete concreting work on one floor within six days. PERI presented a solution which met these requirements: the combination of SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork, used for the first time, and MULTIPROP Aluminium Slab Props reduced the shuttering times for the slabs.  The MAXIMO System Formwork reduced the amount of working time that had to be spent on forming the walls. Another requirement was to be able to minimise the crane operating time. The climbing solutions from RCS met this requirement.

Successful première of the SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork

In order to meet the tight specifications of the formwork cycles, the SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork, which was used under real-world conditions for the first time, was crucial. The SKYMAX Large Panel Slab Formwork was a winning solution in two respects. On the one hand, SKYMAX can be quickly inserted into or stripped from the formwork. This is mainly due to the lightweight large panels and the small number of different parts. Secondly, the SKYMAX Large Panels are installed exclusively from the lower level. Therefore, no compromises were necessary in terms of safety. The special SKYMAX Lowering Head is compatible with all PERI props. In Copenhagen, it was used in combination with the proven MULTIPROP Aluminium Slab Props. This enabled early stripping and helped to maintain the tight 6-day cycle.

Reliable climbing with the RCS Rail Climbing System

From the customer's point of view, the modular RCS Rail Climbing System scored with several features. The crane operating time was reduced to a minimum. In addition, the flexibility of the RCS Climbing Unit with the RCS C Formwork Scaffold created the possibility of being optimally adapted to the conditions and wall heights of the storeys. There was also another safety consideration which won over the customer: the RCS P Climbing Protection Panel and Guardrail completely enclosed the structural floors.

Successful contribution of the proven MAXIMO System Formwork

The advantages of MAXIMO System Formwork were also put to profitable use in this project. The time saved by the one-sided anchoring also helped the customer to reach their goal quickly without having to accept a loss of quality.

After the première, the next project awaits

The SKYMAX Slab Formwork made a significant contribution to the success of the project. The customer was completely satisfied with the progress of the project and the new innovative method of forming slabs from the lower level. During the construction phase of the Pasteurs Tower, the building contractor therefore decided to use SKYMAX Formwork for its next project.