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PERI Asia Company News

PERI Singapore Teambuilding

28 June 2024

PERI Singapore had a fun-filled energizing teambuilding session recently! The program has been intentionally tailored to fit the internal theme of our teambuild. It is important to us that our outcomes and takeaways be achieved through the day's activities. 🎯

Everyone got together excited and started the day with a workshop. Lots of discussions and ideas were shared amongst our colleagues across different departments. We talked about internal reflections and ways to optimize our process efficiency all whilst focusing on the underlying theme of our event: It's up to YOU: Collaboration, Trust and Mindfulness.

Following on from revisiting our strategy and workshopping key strategic outcomes for H2, it was time to anchor our learnings and touch points related to Collaboration, Trust and Mindfulness, with some creative and challenging activities. Our external vendor, Teamable SG facilitated a series of fun games and activities. Each game is purposefully designed to reinforce our overarching theme of Collaboration, Trust and Mindfulness. The finale was concluded victoriously by having the entire PERI Singapore team work together! 👑💯

We ended the day off with a delectable spread of BBQ meats and vegs. It is without a doubt that the team truly enjoyed ourselves and that the intended outcomes of our teambuild theme was realized. Special thanks to PERI Singapore's MD Theunis Visser and GM Alan Nortje and the organizing committee, Sobia Fayaaz, Irene Teo, Jeanne Lim, Veronica Tong and Jovin Tan for making this happen!


PERI Singapore celebrates Cultural Diversity Day! 🌎

23 May 2024

We are proud to have colleagues across 10 different nationalities working together as One. Our diverse talent pool brings us a variety of different perspectives, increased creativity and skilled problem-solving capabilities.

A mini celebration was held in the office to commemorate the day. Colleagues from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and South America shared interesting history and facts about their cultural background. A live-interactive Diversity Quiz was also conducted with the deserving quiz winner, PERI Singapore's Head of Operations, Hidayat Baharin winning a small prize. The session ended off with delicious representative delicacies from different countries. 🍜🍕🌮🍻

It was truly a momentous occasion as we remember and celebrate PERI Singapore's diverse background! Special thanks to Edwin Ng, Shane Treherne, Joan Villagomez and Hidayat Baharin for the sharing session! 💯


PERI Singapore beats the sweltering SG heat 🥵🌡️

09 April 2024

Our sunny island has been experiencing extreme temperatures and high UV levels in the recent weeks. ☀️

To alleviate some of the heat, PERI Singapore has specially arranged icy cool coconut shakes for our staff at the stockyard! Keeping cool is especially critical for our yard workers as they are the ones working tirelessly under the unwavering heat. 

Do remember to hydrate, take shelter and stay cool whenever you can! ❄️༄


PERI Singapore Customer Trip: PS100, HDS & Hong Kong Sevens

04 - 08 April 2024

PERI Singapore recently invited our prestige customers to an unforgettable trip of site visits, business networking and to the iconic Hong Kong Sevens tournament. 🏗️🤝🏉

Together with PERI Malaysia's esteemed customers, we visited the HKIA Terminal 2 Expansion Bridge project site which boasts impressive usage of PS100, HDS and special steel applications. Multiple lunches and dinners gave opportunities for top contractors in Singapore and Malaysia to network and connect. And not to forget, our customers also got to witness the exhilarating live action HK7s games!

PERI Singapore would like to thank Mr Liu Jian Zhong and Mr Martin Goh from Chian Teck Realty and Mr Terence Koh from Gammon Construction for their participation in this experience!


PERI Singapore commemorates International Women's Day

08 March 2024

👷‍♀️🌻 PERI Singapore wishes all a Happy International Women's Day!

In PERI Singapore, we recognize the dedication and challenges of women in the world of a male-dominant industry. And for that, we acknowledged our ladies with a humble celebration of flowers and chocolates.

We asked the ladies: What is it like to be working in a male-dominant industry? 💪
Check out their responses here:

Happy International Women's Day! ❤️


Chinese New Year 2024

08 February 2024

PERI Singapore and the PERI APAC Market Unit team ushered in the Year of the Dragon with a celebratory Lunar New Year dinner. Following the yearly tradition, the Lohei was tossed boisterously to welcome great abundance and prosperity. The team enjoyed the festive dishes and great companionship throughout the night.

PERI Singapore hoped that everyone had a fantastic Lunar New Year! 🍊🍊


PERI owner Alexander Schwörer visits PERI Singapore

17 - 20 January 2024

PERI Singapore is honoured to have PERI owner, Alexander Schwoerer visit us in little red dot Singapore!

A good amount of meetings, presentations, project site visits and key client dinners were covered in just a short span of four days.

Updates between the PERI Group and PERI Singapore were exchanged in insightful sharing sessions. These valuable sessions inspires us to continuously strive for excellence!

✨Sites visited✨
GA Construction: 15 Hoe Chiang Road
Chian Teck Realty Pte Ltd: Netlink Data Centre
Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd: Ispring Industrial 29 NIR

PERI Singapore looks forward to greater collaborations with all our partners! 💯

PERI Singapore ends off 2023 with a Tiki Party and welcomes 2024 with a bang!

16 December 2023

Happy New Year! We hope that you've had a good start of the year thus far. PERI Singapore ended off 2023 with a relaxing BBQ Tiki Party by the beach. The team was dressed in their best Hawaiian outfits playing games, winning prizes,
having good food and great companionship.

Having fully recharged, we are ready to serve you the best we can! We look forward to a promising 2024 ahead forging new partnerships and achieving higher levels of success and collaborations with our esteemed partners. 🤝🎯💯


PERI Singapore Annual Stocktake 2023

08 - 18 November 2023

📋💯 PERI Singapore's 2023 stock take was recently concluded with great success!

External material movements were temporarily stopped to facilitate planning, yard preparation and the actual stock count. This year, members from Sales, Operations and PERI APAC Market Unit took part.

In summary, 649,056 items were accounted for in a short span of 3 days. The stock take ended off with great camaraderie in the team and a well-deserved BBQ at the yard.

A big Thank You to all participants!


PERI Singapore PS100 Shoring System Banding 2023

05, 09 & 10 October 2023

PERI systems in Singapore are banded by the local construction authority, Building and Construction Authority (BCA). The banding measures the potential impact of construction methods and technologies via productivity at site. Systems with good banding ensure high productivity and are labour-efficient.

Banding for PERI PS100 Shoring System was recently conducted at PERI Singapore's very own stockyard. A BCA officer assigned to us oversaw the installation of PS100 as a typical slab tableform and a shoring system. Manpower and man-hours were meticulously recorded at every stage (assembly, lifting, etc). The assessment was conducted over 3 days.

🏆 PERI Singapore is proud to announce that PERI PS100 Shoring System scored a superb banding of 14 constructability points, Banding Level 2! (Horizontal Category)


PERI Singapore & PERI Malaysia celebrates Bavarian Oktober Fest

22 September 2023

🥨🍻 PROSIT! PERI Singapore & PERI Malaysia celebrates Oktober PERI Bavarian fest.

PERI Singapore customers were invited to our local PERI Bavarian Fest in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Celebrating hand in hand with PERI Malaysia, our customers came together for a night of German delicacies, German music, and festive games!

An array of PERI systems was also on display. Customers got to see, feel, and learn about the latest products and solutions that PERI Singapore offers.

The event concluded successfully with many smiling faces. To our partners: Let's achieve greater milestones, together! 🤝🏆

Special thanks to our partners:
Soilbuild Group Holdings Ltd, Gammon Construction Limited, Chung Tai Construction, China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., Onestar Construction, Chian Teck Realty Pte Ltd, Spear Access Pte Ltd, Tiong Seng Contractors (Pte) Ltd, Lendlease Singapore


PERI Singapore PS100 Shoring System Launch

12 September 2023

📢 PERI's latest system has arrived on Singapore's shores! An official launch for PS100 shoring was held recently in PERI Singapore's newly relocated stockyard. Our esteemed partners were invited to learn about the benefits of PS100.

The distinctive features of PS100 were highlighted by our technical expert, and a live, hands-on assembly of the system demonstrated the ease of use. Our customers also got into action and experienced the system first-hand by erecting a standard configuration of a PS100 tower! When asked for feedback, the consensus was that PS100 is easy to use and fast to assemble, which will improve productivity on-site 💯

A big thank you to all our partners who have attended the PS100 launch! We are glad that our partners gained valuable insight into PS100. Now, let’s make construction more efficient, faster, and safer!


PERI Singapore Internal Product Training

04 August 2023

Product knowledge empowers us to propose best-fit solutions for our customers’ requirements. An internal product training session was recently conducted for the PERI Singapore Sales and Marketing team. The team got “hands-on” with assembling ST100 Stacking Tower, PD8 Table System and PS100 Shoring Tower.

Valuable product insights were gained from each assembled system - material storage, optimized usage, flexibility, effectiveness and safety. With this refreshed knowledge, the team is now ever more confident to propose to our customers the best product for their project!

Special thanks to PERI Market Unit APAC Project Manager, @Korbinian Goeppel for arranging and conducting the training session.


PERI Singapore Stockyard Relocation

12 July 2023

New location: 6A Enterprise Road, Singapore 629818.

📢 Stockyard relocation! PERI Singapore has shifted our stockyard to 6A Enterprise Road. The new yard comprises of an office space, conference room, assembly yard, wash bay, sheltered maintenance workshop and a loading/unloading bay.

The past couple of months had been hectic for our yard crew but we’ve managed to complete the shift all whilst keeping up with concurrent customer deliveries and returns.

Kudos to our Head of Operations, @Hidayat Baharin, Warehouse Manager, Steiner Lai and the entire yard crew for all their hard work!

PERI Singapore celebrates Diversity!

26 May 2023

The PERI Singapore office staff decked out in their ethnic costumes and got together at the Main Office on 26 May to celebrate Diversity within the company. We are proud to be truly diversed to have 7 strong and unique nationalities representing the company as ONE. On top of that, we have colleagues across all ages as well - Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers!

The half-day event started off with a spread of delicacies represented by the 7 different nationalities - namely Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, South Africa, India and Bangladesh. We then played an in-house real-time Diversity Quiz revolving around the 7 nationalities. Questions about language, culture, food, places of interest and interesting facts were quizzed. Edwin Ng, our Project Manager had the fastest fingers with the most correct answers and was crowned the winner!

We've enjoyed ourselves and have definitely learned more about our colleagues and their distinctive background.

For now, totsiens (Afrikaans) and kita kits (Tagalog)!


On-site Training: DUO with Soilbuild @ Ispring Industrial

25 May 2023

An on-site training was recently conducted for our esteemed customer, SoilBuild Construction. The crew was given a 1-hour introductory training of DUO. Our Senior Product Specialist, Ah Chan, demonstrated how to assemble the panels for walls and columns and taught the crew how and when to use the DUO accessories.

The group was impressed with how quickly and easy it was to assemble the system. One feature that stood out was the simplicity of connecting the panels - just insert the couplers, give it a pull and voila! They were happy to work with a system that is efficient and can truly help them when on-site.


PERI Singapore Team Bonding Bowling Night

05 May 2023

PERI Singapore recognises the importance of teamwork and values every employee. The office and yard staff were recently treated to a fun night of bowling and pizzas on 05 May 2023!

A mini competition was held and the winning team with the highest average score of 2 games scored themselves a pair of Gold Class movie vouchers each. Relax, unwind and simply have fun with our colleagues - just what we needed. It was truly an enjoyable night and we definitely got to know each other a little better.

Looking forward to our next event!

Training: Dismantling (PERI UP) Scaffold Cantilever

11 April 2023

Our customer required modifications to an existing PERI UP Scaffold that was erected in a petrolchemical plant in Jurong back in 2018.

Standing at 22 meters high with windy conditions, the crew from Multiheight had to dismantle a scaffold cantilever to make room for an incoming crane to conduct maintenance work on the plant.

To prepare the crew, PERI Singapore conducted a 2-day training with a mock-up in our stockyard. The method of statement was played out and rehearsed multiple times, making sure that the crew is confident and safe at all times while carrying out the dismantling job, especially at such nerve-racking heights.

With tremendous amount of preparation work put in, the scaffold cantilever was dismantled successfully without any major hiccups! Special thanks to the Multiheight crew and PERI Head of Engineering, Roel Capulong and Design Engineer, Shiela Quimora for the training.

PERI on Demand: DUO Demo for Solar Green Enterprise

08 April 2023

A classic example - understanding how PERI Singapore can help. PERI Singapore has just recently conducted a demo session for our new customer, Solar Green Enterprise!

Requirement: A lightweight system to cast straight walls for an ongoing commercial multi-storey building project.

PERI solution: Say no more, what else better than DUO!? 💪

DUO was showcased in its full capacity and efficiency. Our new customer was impressed with the system's handiness and easy assembly which in turn, drives higher productivity on site.

Work smart with PERI solutions. 💯


PERI Singapore hosts students from SCOPE Maastricht University

06 February 2023

PERI Singapore had just recently hosted 22 business students from SCOPE Maastricht University for half a day on 06 February 2023.

The student's aim was to know more about companies operating in Asia's business epicentre, Singapore. The group flew in from the Netherlands to Singapore for over a week and visited top companies across various sectors; finance, trade, technology, etc.

A presentation of the PERI Group and us as a subsidiary, PERI Singapore was shared. Topics such as international recruitment, CSR efforts and social events were also discussed. After the presentation, the students were brought to an ongoing job site to get first-hand experience of what we do at PERI. The event concluded successfully with an open discussion and casual lunch with the students.

We hope that the students find the session insightful to them. One thing's for certain - we definitely had fun hosting!


Chinese New Year 2023

03 February 2023

Welcoming the Year of the Rabbit! PERI Singapore was treated to a festive dinner at Long Beach Seafood, East Coast Park. Everyone enjoyed the great food, drinks and had a merry good time.

We hoped that everyone had a superb Chinese New Year!


PERI Singapore CSR Initiative: Beach Clean-up

03 February 2023

PERI Singapore recognises the importance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) work within the company. We are proud to have played a part in Ethical, Philanthropic and Environmental Responsibilities throughout the years.

This year, we kickstarted 2023 doing good! A beach clean-up was organized on 03 February 2023 at East Coast Park. A total of almost 30 colleagues from PERI Singapore and PERI Market Unit Asia Pacific participated. Armed with tongs and a trash bag, we went about picking litter for an hour and a half. A small sharing session was conducted to conclude the event. Everyone acknowledged the importance of keeping the environment clean and the dangers of littering and marinelife pollution.

We are glad that small efforts (done cohesively as a team) such as this would make our environment a better place. PERI Singapore is already looking forward to our next CSR project!


Happy New Year 2023

01 January 2023

As of every year, PERI calendars were mailed out to our customers during the year-end festive season. Let's all welcome 2023 with faith, hope and love!


PERI Dual Student Program

03 October - 23 December 2022

Dual student Janina Merz joined PERI Singapore for a 3-month semester from October to December 2022. Find out about her experience with us through a short interview!

PERI Singapore: Why did you choose PERI Singapore for your exchange semester?
Janina: I was always interested in visiting Asia, to learn more about the different cultures and languages here. I have also heard from past Dual Students who chose PERI Singapore for their exchange semester gives positive feedback about their experiences here. 

PERI Singapore: What have you gained from your time here?
Janina: I have gained insights into all aspects of how the subsidiary works. For Sales, I got to sit in with the Sales Engineers for meetings with customers at site. Through the meetings, I got to learn what entails in the different stages of PERI projects - from tender, offer, to confirmation stage. I learned about the standard operations protocol here and got to create an Operations Guideline for the subsidiary. I was also supporting Marketing with Social Media posts and event planning. I got to take charge and planned PERI Singapore's Christmas Event!

PERI Singapore: Overall review?
Janina: I'm really satisfied with my experience here in PERI Singapore. I've forged great friendships and am thankful to my lovely colleagues for bringing me around Singapore! I will definitely recommend Dual Students to consider PERI Singapore as one of their choices for the exchange period!

Thank you Janina for your time here in PERI Singapore, you've been a joy.
Till next time!


PERI Singapore Christmas Event 2022

13 December 2022

PERI Singapore celebrated Christmas at Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore on 13 December 2022!

The night kicked off with delectable authentic Bavarian delicacies and drinks. We got to taste a variety of cold cuts, cheeses (obatzda included), pork knuckle, schnitzel, Bavarian schweínebraten, sweets and desserts, kaiserchaimarrn, see seasonal brews and many more!

A small farewell segment was also dedicated to our GM, Florian Dachs (to PERI Singapore). A little gift and a (very memorable) self-crafted video was presented to him.

Team bonding aspects were also incorporated into our Christmas event. All departments were tasked to group up, brainstorm, conceptualise and rehearse a five minutes performance two weeks prior - it could be singing, dancing, acting - anything. The teams were then judged via scorecards and the winning department bags a small gift. We had REALLY creative and entertaining performances presented. The room was filled with non-stop roaring laughter!

To end the night, we got to receive thoughtful presents from our Secret Santa. It was indeed a memorable 2022 Christmas celebration for PERI Singapore and it's
now time to unwind and recharge for 2023.

PERI Singapore wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


PERI Owner Mr Alexander Schwörer Visits PERI Singapore

25 - 28 November 2022

PERI Singapore and PERI Market Unit APAC were honoured to have PERI owner, Mr Alexander Schwörer visit us in sunny island Singapore!

Mr Schwörer presented the team with in-depth updates and outlooks by the PERI Group. Sharing sessions and presentations touching on PERI Singapore (subsidiary) and Market Unit Asia-Pacific updates were also conducted. It was indeed an insightful and fruitful exchange.

Over the course of 4 days, Mr Schwörer was invited to a stockyard tour at Sungei Kadut, team dinners, key client dinners and a site visit to an on-going project, Singapore Kallang Tennis Center.

PERI Singapore looks forward to Mr Schwörer's next visit!


PERI Singapore Annual Stock Take 2022

04 - 17 November 2022

PERI Singapore's stockyard stopped all external material movement from 04 - 17 November in order to facilitate our annual stock take. Yard preparation, the actual stock count, inventory key-date were all planned to complete within the 12 working days.

A total of 10 teams of 2 was planned for the stock count. This year we have members across Engineering, Operations, Finance, HR and Management taking part.

A whopping number of 39770 articles were accounted for in just over 2 days! The stock take concluded ahead of its scheduled time with great success. A big thank you to all who participated!


PERI Singapore 30+1 Customer Event

04 November 2022

PERI Singapore recognizes and values our partnership with customers.
What better way to show that than through a day of great company, food and drinks!

The dedicated event was recently held on 04 November at The Wheeler's Estate.
A mix of prospects, new and old customers were invited. Aside from good food and drinks, customers got to know more about PERI Singapore's timeline, where we stand now, what we can offer and were treated to a live showcase assembly demo of DUO and PERI UP.

The day wrapped up with a short and sweet ending speech. New relationships were forged and existing partnerships were strengthened. We are certain that everyone had a
great time and enjoyed themselves thoroughly!

PERI Asia 31 Celebration

17 August 2022

PERI Asia had just recently celebrated our 31st Anniversary with serious fun!

The initial 30th milestone anniversary celebration was meant to happen in 2021 but
got postponed due to the pandemic. Fortunately, the local situation improved in mid-2022 and restrictions and regulations were relaxed.

We jumped onto the opportunity and held our (hence) 31st Anniversary celebration on
17 August 2022. The event consisted aspects of a brief overview of PERI Asia's achievements and milestones, teambuilding games, go-karting, great food, a lucky draw and a specially curated segment celebrating diversity within the company.

The day concluded with plenty of laughter and smiles. Stronger relationships and 
understanding amongst our colleagues were forged and PERI Asia's fastest drivers were crowned. Our bellies were filled and our hearts were warm. Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly; it was truly an exceptional 31st Anniversary celebration for PERI Asia!


Polytech DUO Training

28 - 29 July 2022

The creator of DUO, Polytech (a part of PERI SE) was invited by PERI Asia to give our Sales, Engineers and Marketing staff an in-depth DUO refresher course.

The first day of training focused on application, technical specifications, values, sales
argumentation and marketing strategy of/for DUO, our technopolymer system formwork.
A hands-on session was also conducted to truly experience DUO in its best light.

An on-site customer visit was conducted on the second day. Queries on DUO were swiftly addressed and our partner gained insights of the universal formwork. Back at the office, training continued with the introduction of the DUO Calculator and ended with Quicksolve training.

The two-day training helped us all at PERI Asia to understand DUO even more. The added knowledge gave us the increased credence to sell, design and promote DUO here in the local market.

A big thank you to Polytech for the session! 


Customer Training: Y-Column Assembly

13 July 2022

A recent customer training session has been conducted in PERI Asia's Sungei Kadut
Stockyard (SK7). Our prestige customer; Sembcorp was trained in Y-Column Assembly
for an ongoing project situated at Chua Chu Kang.

PERI Asia's Head of Engineering shared practical know-how and insightful knowledge.
Our prerogative is to have our customers have complete confidence during the actual
formwork assembly at site.

The training concluded successfully with a congruous group photo!

Coconut Break!

12 July 2022

PERI Asia colleagues were refreshed with an icy cold coconut drink on a hot Tuesday afternoon. As they say, it is always important to take short breaks periodically throughout the day in order to recharge our attention and productivity. PERI Asia recognises that - so, cheers everyone!


Institution of Engineers Singapore x PERI Singapore Webinar

12 May 2022

A local webinar covering the safety topic Formwork: Improving Safety through innovation and technology was conducted on 12 May 2022 via Zoom. Organized by Singapore’s Health & Safety Engineering Technical Committee, over 60+ Professional Engineers (PEs) and Chartered Engineers (CEngs) attended. The 90mins webinar was presented by PERI Singapore & PERI Malaysia’s very own Senior Engineering Director, Terence Montgomery.

Topics relating to safety improvement and on-site productivity through factors such as Product Innovation, Engineering Technology, Training and Corporate Culture were shared and discussed. 

The webinar ended with a Q&A session and was concluded with great success! We thank Terence once again for his valuable input and time on presenting this webinar.


PERI On Demand: PD8 & ST100 Demo Session

26 March 2022

A demo session of PD8 and ST100 was recently conducted in our SK7 Stockyard for new customer, Hong Yang Development.

Our PERI shoring systems made good impression on our customer. It was noted that assembly of the systems took only moments and required only minimal manpower. Customer delightfully highlighted that these beneficial factors could increase productivity for their projects.

PERI Singapore look forward to forging great partnership with Hong Yang Development in the near future!

Chinese New Year 2022

25 January 2022

PERI Asia welcomed the Year of Tiger with a festive Lunar New Year dinner at The Dancing Crab. Due to social distancing regulations and restrictions, the team had to celebrate and dine separately. Nevertheless, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the night.

PERI Asia wishes everyone a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!


Happy New Year 2022

01 January 2022

Almost a yearly tradition - PERI Singapore mailed out 2022 desk calendars to our esteemed partners as a small token of gratitude for their unwavering support. We value all established partnerships and will continue to strive to provide an excellent service to all!

DMU APAC, Mr Reiner Schwarz Visit 2021

22  - 26 November 2021

PERI Singapore was particularly delighted when we heard news that our Director of Market Unit - Asia Pacific, Mr. Reiner Schwarz is planning to visit PERI Singapore for a week in November 2021.

Mr Schwarz was warmly welcomed by the Management team on the first day of his visit. Tours of the office and stockyard, site visits and dinners with key customers were subsequently carried out. Insightful sharing sessions and valuable dialogues were also exchanged between Mr Schwarz and us, the PERI Singapore subsidiary.

With the visit, PERI Singapore is freshly inspired by our vision, mission and values. We strive to constantly improve and excel in the coming year!

PERI Asia Annual Stock Take 2021

08  - 14 November 2021

It’s the time of the year again! PERI Asia conducted our annual stock take from 08 to 14 November. This year, colleagues from the Management Team went down to the stockyard to assist with the count. It provided a great opportunity for the team to further familiarize themselves with PERI materials. The added manpower (and our little furry friend) helped sped up the entire process.

Even with strict adherence of all COVID-19 safety measures, the event was swiftly completed within the time frame and concluded with great triumph.

PERI Asia turns 30

Month of May 2021

PERI Asia [Singapore] turns 30! We would like to thank all our partners for being part of our company's success over the years. With vast experience as a leading formwork and scaffold supplier in Singapore, PERI Asia is excited to share with you (in the coming weeks) some of our iconic projects and milestones we’ve accomplished.

Check us out at our social media channels:

PERI On Demand: PERI UP Rosette Modular Scaffold Demo Session

29 April 2021

An enquiry was made from a new customer requesting for a live demo session on our scaffold system, PERI UP. Arrangements were made and our Product Specialist and demo team headed down to the customer's premises.

3 lifts were swiftly erected within a short amount of time. The customer was impressed by PERI UP's Gravity Lock which secures ledgers immediately when assembled. This facilitates fast installation which reduces the need for manpower requirements.

Now that's high productivity!

Chinese New Year 2021

10 February 2021

The PERI Asia team celebrated Chinese New Year with a dinner feast to welcome the Year of the Ox. Due to current restrictions and regulations set by the Ministry of Health, we were not able to come together and celebrate as a group. Each individual group had to celebrate separately. Nevertheless, the occasion was very much enjoyed with good food and great companionship!

Happy New Year 2021

01 January 2021

The start of a New Year!                                                                                                    P.S. We turn 30 in 2021

Over the past weeks, PERI Asia sent out 2021 calendars to our customers as a small token of appreciation. We value the strong support and believe that SERVICE is KEY!

Starting out back in 1991, PERI Asia have continuously supplied construction materials throughout the years to many sites in Singapore. We are proud to have been a part of iconic projects such as Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Sports Hub, Marina One and many more.

Cheers to 30 and we strive towards many more years ahead!

PERI Asia Annual Stock Take 2020

05  - 15 November 2020

PERI Asia carried out our annual stock take from 05 to 15 November. With the restrictions of COVID-19, the stock take proved to be an uphill challenge. Social distancing and wearing masks made it hard to communicate within the counting teams.

Nevertheless with proper planning and resources, we managed to complete the event within 10 days with over 1500 articles and 900,000 qtys accounted for. With good team effort and determination, the annual stock take was completed with great success.

Safety Measures in PERI Asia

26th April 2018

PERI Asia Pte Ltd is pleased to be a part of the Safe Hands Campaign that was organized by the National Workplace Safety and Health Council (WSHC). The campaign brings into focus on taking preventive measures when working with machinery so as to avoid hand and finger injuries. Similarly, we have also re-certified both OHSAS 18001 and BizSafe Star. Both certifications convey the same message – achieve measurable improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace.

PERI Asia participated in Shoe Drive Donation

12th April 2018

Sole4Souls is a non-profit social enterprise that creates sustainable jobs and provides relief through the distribution of footwears and clothing around the world. This year, together with Million Lighting, they hosted their 3rd Shoe Drive. With all the donated footwears, they are able to resell them and profits will be given to the charity.

Not wanting to miss out on this opportunity and with a big heart, PERI Singapore staffs took part in this Shoe Drive Donation. Over a period of 3 weeks, we were able to collect a huge amount of donated footwears. This is definitely a great news to share. With this good cause, hopefully every little things that we do could bring a smile to someone who is in need. Once again, thank you to our staffs for their great generousity.

PERI Asia Customer Dinner 2018

9th March 2018

We see ourselves not only as a providers. Instead, keeping a close eye on the business of our customers, their benefits and added value is our top priority in everything we do.

On the 6th of March, we held a casual PERI Asia Customer Dinner 2018 over at Paulaner Bräuhaus Restaurant. Together with our invited customers, PERI GmbH Group Managing Director responsible for Sales, Mr. Alexander Schwörer, was also present. Summing up the dinner were a night of appreciation and catching up with one another. Even so, we would like to thank our customers for spending their valuable time to be with us.

Lunar New Year 2018

1st March 2018

On the 23rd of February, PERI Singapore Staffs together with colleagues from PERI Asia Market Unit (Asia Pacific) had a Lunar New Year dinner just in time to welcome the Year of the Dog. With a night full of toasts and gourmet delights, everyone had a really good time. It was a night of fun and great company indeed.


PERI UP Christmas Tree 2017

15th Dec 2017

To get into the festivity mood this Christmas in PERI Singapore, every staffs work together as a team and erect our very own PERI UP Christmas Tree both in our main office and stockyard. A creative way to use our PERI materials and this is definitely a great way to mingle with one another during this jolly season!

Watch the behind the scene here:


Cambodia Construction Industry Expo 2017

4th Dec 2017

PERI Asia Pte Ltd participated at the Cambodia Construction Industry Expo 2017. It is a 3 day exhibition being held from 30th Nov to 2nd Dec 2017 at Diamond Exhibition Center (Koh Pich), Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is an exhibition for us to showcase our PERI systems  -  DUO & PD 8 Table  -  to the Cambodia market.

Business Partner Award 2017

11th Oct 2017

Customers are also part of the driving force of a business. Building a strong rapport with them is imperative to the success of the company. Hereby, we are pleased to share that PERI Asia has been accorded with a Business Partner award during Woh Hup’s Business Partners Appreciation Dinner 2017 that was held last Monday evening. On behalf of PERI Asia, we would like to congratulate Woh Hup (Private) Limited on their 90 years in the industry!

Half-yearly Stock Take at PERI Asia Pte Ltd

2nd Aug 2017

Just like any other year, this year our half-yearly stock take was carried out on the 27th and 28th of July 2017. Divided into teams of 2, with a total of 24 persons counting to cover our stockyard, it turned out to be a great success with majority of the 1st and 2nd counts completed by the end of the first day. The whole event created a good camaraderie among our colleagues with the involvement from the management, office staffs to the stockyard workers. With good teams incorporating teamwork into their performance, this makes our stock take event a success!

CB 240 Climbing Formwork in BCA's Buildable Design Appraisal System

19th June 2017

We are proud to announce that our PERI CB 240 Climbing Formwork system is officially under a Band 2 category for its vertical formwork system in Singapore Building & Construction Authority (BCA)'s Buildable Design Appraisal System (BDAS)! The Buidable Design Appraisal System (BDAS) was developed as means to measure the potential impact of a building design on the usage of labour.

Health Day at PERI Asia

17th June 2016

With regards to PERI Asia's 25th Anniversary the company has organized a health screening day for all employees on 17th June 2016. The Customer Training Centre at 1 Sims Lane has been converted to a temporary surgical ground for use. Fresh fruit were made available for participants to consume after their health screening.

25th Company Anniversary

17th June 2016

In celebration of PERI’s anniversary employees and their families enjoyed a day of fun activities at Resorts World Sentosa including a visit to Universal Studios Singapore. The celebration was rounded by a dinner at Mount Faber. Everyone had an unforgettable time. 

Watch the remarkable history of PERI Singapore here:

Exhibition in Myanmar

May 2016

PERI Singapore has participated at Myanmar’s Leading Building Technology and Supply Event. A highlight of the exhibition was the opening of our Yangon training facility where we train and certify our customers’ staff to meet the standards set by the Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA).

SCAL Cricket Challenge Cup 2016

1st / 2nd May 2016

The Singapore Contractor Association (SCAL) hosted a two-day cricket tournament on 1st and 2nd May 2016 to celebrate Labour Day with migrant workers at the SCAL Recreation Centre. 23 teams form SCAL member construction companies battled in 22 rounds of tightly fought matches.

Biberach University of Applied Sciences

17th March 2016

PERI Asia Pte Ltd has been welcoming students of ‘Biberach University of Applied Sciences’ during their final excursion to Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore before graduating. They have visited several projects in Singapore and got introduced to PERI Systems. The students have enjoyed their stay and gathered valuable experiences for their future career.
We wish them all the best for their final exams.

Career Fair at NUS and NTU

2nd - 3rd February 2016

PERI Singapore l Together with PERI Market Unit (APAC)
We successfully held our first career fair at two renowned universities in Singapore, the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The fair provided us a good platform to interact with the graduates/students, giving them a better understanding about PERI’s value. We are glad with the overwhelming response and we thank those who dropped by at our booth.

Chinese New Year 2016

29th January 2016

PERI Singapore l Welcome to the Year of the Monkey | CNY Dinner 2016. 
The evening was accompanied by a nine-course meal and ended with a lucky draw. In between our management paid tribute to team members with a long-service award. Highlight was the presentation of the ‘PERI Asia Star Award’ to our 2 most popular colleagues. In all it was a great night and everyone had a really good time. It was a night of recognition and fun, honouring all for contributing their hard work during the past year.

Bizsafe Star

28th December 2015

We are proud to announce that PERI Asia has achieved 
Biz Safe Star & OHSAS 18001:2007 certification which is a further step to assure the highest Safety Standards for our customers and our team.

Jubilee Big Walk

29th November 2015

PERI Singapore l Together with their partners all PERI Singapore colleagues were invited to participate with some other 25,000 people to join the SG50 Jubilee Big Walk on 29th November 2015. The walk through the heart of Singapore took place on a permanent 8 km long commemorative trail, known as the Jubilee Walk. This trail connects more than 20 historic and iconic locations within the Civic District and Marina Bay precinct. As an appreciation every registered colleague was invited to join in for lunch afterwards which turned out to be a pleasant afternoon to end the walk.

Stock take at PERI Asia Pte Ltd

5th November 2015

PERI Singapore Stocktake 2015 l Our annual stock take was great success as it took us a shorter time compared to last year, with one day for the stock take to be carried out in full-force. We were divided into teams of 2, with a total of 20 teams of 40 persons counting, covering 2 stockyards. The whole event pointed out to be a great teamwork success with the involvement from the management and the office workers to the stockyard workers. We rounded up the day with a barbeque for everyone to join, which made it a nice evening!

PERI Singapore collaborates with Tiong Seng in 
providing Customer training

29th October 2015

We are happy to announce a strategic partnership with one of Singapore’s leading construction companies. This alliance leverages on the extensive technical know-how of both companies to create value-added services to the local construction market in our common efforts to raise productivity on the construction sites. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed during the Singapore Construction Productivity Week witnessed by the board of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

BuildTech Asia 2015 in Singapore

13th October 2015

PERI Asia Pte was participating at BuildTech Asia 2015 which is Singapores leading trade show for the building and construction industry. 

New PERI Asia Office 

3rd July 2015

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our recently enlarged office at 1 Sims Lane. The spacious layout will make a very important contribution to our growth as a company. Modern workplaces without barriers allow us to provide the highest service level to our customers and to continuously grow as a team.