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One KA @ Macpherson, Singapore

Project data

Location: Macpherson, Singapore

A new 8 storey B1 light industrial building located in Macpherson is in the works! This exciting project holds a site area of 7,346 sqm and will house 97 commercial industrial units. It boasts a 8.2m wide ramp for great accessibility directly to the units. The units will also enjoy comfortable floor area with high ceilings ranging from 5.6m – 6.3m.

PERI Singapore is proud to have worked with our customer, Onestar Construction on this project.

The project commenced in Q1 2023 and is expected to be completed in Q3 2024.


  • Shoring Support
  • Beam and Slab Support
  • Columns
  • Corewalls


Onestar Construction

Customer's benefit

ST 100 Stacking Tower – Achieve fast assembly and dismantling. With a single frame type, all required assembly heights can be realized.

PERI UP Flex Shoring – Highly flexible through the uniform grid size. Adaptable to suit almost all geometries and loads.

PD 8 Table System – Large spindle extensions enables quick adaptions to accommodate different slab heights as well as being lowered for moving under large beams.

VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork - Easily adaptable to suit every size, concreting height and required fresh concrete pressure.

VARIO GT 24 Column Formwork – Easily adaptable to suit every size, concreting height and required fresh concrete pressure.

CB 240/160 Climbing System – The CB climbing system allows fast moving and easy adjustments. The system was used for staircase and corewall.

PERI solution

  • ST 100 Shoring Tower used for pour strip and 8th storey cantilever slab
  • PERI UP Flex Shoring for beam and slab support (Zone D and ramp)
  • PD 8 Table System for beam and slab support (Zone A to C)
  • VARIO GT24 Wall Formwork for corewalls
  • VARIO GT 24 Column Formwork for 4.8m to 5.8m of casting height
  • Loading Platform supporting up to 3 tonnes of load