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Link Sewers DTSS Phase 2, Singapore

Project data

Location: Western Region, Singapore

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) of Singapore is currently constructing link sewers for the Deep Tunnel Sewer System (DTSS) phase 2 projects along Common Wealth Avenue, Toh Tuck, Boon Lay Way and the International Business park areas.

The work requires supplying, lay and installing reinforced concrete sewer pipes and the construction of permanent manholes.

PERI Singapore utilized the following systems for the entirety of this project:

  • GRV Articulated Circular Formwork
  • VARIO Wall Formwork
  • RCS Climbing Platform

A key highlight is that the GRV Formwork utilized for this project was of rental basis. This served as a cost-effective advantage for our customer.

PERI Singapore would like to thank our esteemed customer, Ed Zublin AG Singapore Branch for the opportunity to have worked on this significant project.


  • Curved walls
  • Straight walls
  • Concrete pressure resistance
  • Working platforms
  • Climbing working platforms


Contractor: Ed Zublin AG Singapore Branch

Customer's benefit

GRV Articulated Waler Circular Formwork - Fast, efficient, and safe casting of circular walls.

VARIO GT 24 Girder Wall Formwork - Easily adaptable to suit every size, concreting height and required fresh concrete pressure.

VARIOKIT - Fast working operations due to fitting pin connections and simple adaptation with spindles.

PERI UP – Quick installation, safe usage, highly flexible and optimally adaptable to suit all structure geometries.

RCS Climbing Platform – Easy and intuitive installation. A cost-effective solution as a climbing working platform.


PERI solution

  • GRV Articulated Circular Formwork used for curved walls
  • VARIO Wall Formwork used for straight walls
  • VARIOKIT namely the SLS spindles were used to resist concrete pressure
  • PERI UP as working platforms
  • RCS Climbing Platform as climbing working platforms