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SKYDECK Panelized Slab Formwork


SKYDECK´s range of applications extends from residential construction through to industrial construction projects with thicker slabs. With extensive range of accessories, the slab formwork is ideally suited for markets with very high safety standards. The systematic assembly sequence and lightweight system components accelerate working operations. In addition, early striking with the drophead system reduces on-site material requirements. The small prop requirements ensures more freedom of movement under the slab formwork and simplifi es the horizontal transportation of materials.

Effortless working
with very lightweight and easy to handle components

Fast forming
due to the simple and systematic assembly sequence and only a minimum of slab props

Easy cleaning
through powder-coated elements, components made of plastic, and undercut panel edges

Low on-site material requirements
due to early striking with the drophead and fast deployment of the panels and beams in the next storey

Technical Details

  • Panel slab formwork with lightweight aluminium system components including formlining
  • For slab thicknesses up to 42 cm (with 225 cm main beam) or with 150 cm main beam and 75 cm panel width for slab thicknesses up to 109 cm
  • With lightweight individual components (panels and main beams weigh only 15.5 kg respectively)
  • Systematic assembly sequence whereby the size of the panel dictates the prop position
  • Only 0.29 props per m² of slab formwork
  • Through the change in the direction of the panel, fifi ller areas are reduced to a minimum
  • With practical accessories for fast longitudinal and lateral compensations as well as the closing of residual gaps
  • High level of safety at slab edges with cantilevered girders and SKYDECK platforms
  • Safety on the front side by means of end guardrails that can be installed in any position on the main beams without requiring tools.