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A decade of maximum efficiency for forming walls

Sep 1, 2017

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Sep 1, 2017
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PERI MAXIMO celebrates its tenth anniversary

Presented for the first time at the bauma 2007, the MAXIMO panel formwork continues to make a convincing case even a decade later through its enormous economic efficiency. In particular, the tie technology that was developed ten years ago by PERI leads to significantly smaller numbers of jobsite personnel thus resulting in considerable time and cost savings. Over the years, PERI engineers have continually expanded the application areas of this innovation. This is why the PERI MAXIMO can be found on countless construction sites in Germany and around the world.

Also responsible for this success is the very high level of efficiency - while simultaneously demonstrating maximum flexibility in the application. The one-sided operability of the anchors requiring only one worker leads to a noticeable reduction in the shuttering times. Due to its special shape, the conically designed MX Tie Rod does not require any spacer tubes and cones. The wall thickness is pre-set on the tie. The systematized anchor points save additional time: these are centrally arranged in all the formwork panels whereby each tie position is always used. This ensures easier handling as well as eliminating the need to close unused anchor points.

From the product launch to an ever more mature formwork system

In recent years, PERI has developed a range of system enhancements for this formwork system. Among other things, the MX 18 Tie System was introduced as an alternative. In addition, the MAXIMO Elements and Multi Panels, Inside Corners, Outside Corners as well as Shaft Corners have also been available in heights of 3.00 m and 3.60 m for some time now. This has led to further time saving when realizing large storey heights; for example, in commercial construction or in upmarket residential construction.

Since 2016, the new MXK Bracket System has ensured safe working areas on the formwork. The modular working platform can be used on the MAXIMO as well as TRIO wall formwork. The lightweight and therefore easy-to-handle system components of the brackets can be installed on the ground – tools or use of a crane are not required.

Numerous other system enhancements and optimizations of the formwork system along with the valuable experience based on a wide range of applications and requirements of the users – all of this has allowed the MAXIMO to be continually fine-tuned and improved over the years.

Tried and tested around the world

Countless successfully completed projects document the efficiency of MAXIMO in Germany and many other countries around the world. The performance capabilities of the PERI MAXIMO knows only few limitations and allows possible applications ranging from basements for single-family houses through to museum buildings with high requirements regarding the concrete finish. The following reference projects demonstrate the versatility of the PERI MAXIMO:

State Route 99 Tunnel, Seattle, United States of America

One of the largest tunnel boring machines in the world was used to drill a new route under the city of Seattle. The car tunnel under the American metropolis replaced the Alaskan Way Viaduct Bridge that was constructed in 1950. From this time on, 110,000 cars travel daily through the double-story road tunnel which reaches a length of 2.2 km. PERI MAXIMO was used in the construction whereby the panel formwork was selected for concreting the rising walls of the bottom road. These, in turn, formed the support for the upper carriageway. Two sets of MAXIMO formwork ensured rapid and efficient concreting of the 4.5 m high walls.

Nordbahnhof Residential Complex, Vienna, Austria

On the site of the former Nordbahnhof in Vienna, two residential buildings with 8 floors respectively and a total of 182 residential units were realized. The very tight 10-month construction period for the shell of the building was comfortably maintained using PERI MAXIMO. The high architectural concrete requirements for the walls were also fulfilled through the clearly structured joint and tie arrangement. The time advantage of 25% (with on-site material requirements of 800 m²) by means of the one-sided tie technology convinced the customer and made the project very cost-effective in spite of the high demands.

Humboldt Forum, Berlin, Germany

A total of 6,000 m² of MAXIMO panel formwork was used for the reconstruction of the Berlin City Palace. The 180 m long, 129 m wide and 35 m high baroque building features a 70 m high dome. As the new landmark of Berlin, the Humboldt Forum will be exhibiting international collections and historical works. In addition to the fast moving times of the PERI MAXIMO and full compliance with all requirements, the customer praised in particular the on-going project support and the flexible, operational cooperation with the PERI engineers.