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PERI India won the EPC World Media, Ernst & Young and Zee Business Group Award 2014

Jan 20, 2015

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Jan 20, 2015
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Honoured for excellence in India Infrastructure and Construction Industry

PERI India has been honoured with the EPC World, Ernst & Young and Zee Business Group Awards 2014 being an “Outstanding Company in Formwork and Scaffolding Sector”. The award was handed over on 18th of December 2014 in New Delhi.

The EPC World Awards showcases excellence in India Infrastructure and Construction Industry. EPC World Awards is focused and dedicated to stimulate synergistic acceleration of growth and generating holistic efficiencies across the entire spectrum of Infrastructure, EPC and Construction.

PERI was founded in 1969 in Germany and is one of the leading suppliers for formwork and scaffolding worldwide. PERI India is located in Mumbai since 2007 and has been involved in several landmark construction projects. At the moment, PERI India delivers formwork and scaffolding solutions for the tallest towers in each corner of India: for the Surya Tower in the north in Gurgaon, for the Pinnacle Tower in the South in Bangalore, for The 42 Tower in the East in Kolkata and for the World One Tower in the West in Mumbai.

Raj Lakhani, the Managing Director of PERI India, is very proud about getting the award and says: “In a very short span of years, we have achieved a position as the leader in the formwork market in India.”

About EPC World Awards

EPC World Awards is an effective platform to recognize the qualitative and quantitative performance, innovation and strategic initiatives of the companies, individuals and projects in the field of Infrastructure and Construction. Since its inception the award received an overwhelming response. The award has been given across 36 broad categories in 2014.

Now in its 5th year, the EPC World Awards is the foremost event that acknowledges the achievements of the companies and individuals and encourage them to perform even better. The EPC World Awards has evolved as the national platform and recognized as one of the most cherished industry recognition awards in India.